Child Sleeping  
Prof & HOD, Dept Physiology. Govt Medical college, Odisha
Consultant: Sleep Medicine and Lab
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 DR. ARPITA's Research Papers & classes on SLEEP


National Sleep Medicine Course 2008

My Article in SOUVENIR

National Sleep Medicine Course 2008 Invited Lectures

01. Sleep and It's Story

02. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

03. Physiology of Sleep

04. Neural Substracts of NREM Sleep

05. The Neural Substrate for REM Sleep

06. The Sleep Neuro-pharmacology

07. Fundamental of Polysomonography

08. Insomnia

09. Sleep Disorders and COPD

10. Visual Scoring of Sleep in Adults (New AASM Scoring Manual)

11. Sleep in Woman: Are there gender differences?

12. Sleep in Neonates

13. Pediatric Sleep Disorders

14. Narcolepsy

15. Sleep Disorders and Epilepsy

16. Restless Legs Syndrome

17. Approach to Sleep and Sleep related medical disorders

18. Cardiovascular Complications of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

19. Parasomnias

20. Management of Sleep Apnea

21. Sleep Hygiene

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